#MeTime: Snacks and a Glass

#MeTime: Snacks and a Glass

In a previous post, we suggested having some of your favorite snacks as part of your #MeTime ritual. But why reach for the same-old, same-old every time? Try some of these simple ways to mix things up, and Me Time snacking will never be stale!

Be a Pop Star

Popcorn is having a moment right now, and it’s no wonder. Easy to make, we’ve discovered some really delicious ideas for customizing kernels, from sweet drizzles to spicy toppings. Sutter Home Pinot Noir is a perfect pour for many flavored popcorns, whether a chocolate-peanut butter mix or something red-hot. Or treat yourself to a sweet pink popcorn, paired with our Pink Moscato.

Chocolate Lovers, Unite!

There’s no going wrong with a classic, and chocolate is a natural #MeTime treat. Sutter Home White Zinfandel is a perfect pick for chocolate-covered strawberries. Or for an even more decadent experience, make a batch of hot-chocolate brownie bites and enjoy with our Sweet White or new Red Blend.

Try Savory Flavors

If you prefer salty to sweet, crunchy snack mixes are a great match. Play with savory combinations of cheesy crackers, pretzels, and nuts. Add spicier items for a nice kick, and pour yourself a glass of Sutter Home Sweet Red or our Riesling to cut the heat. Dips are also a delicious addition to #MeTime. Spinach and artichoke dip pairs nicely with Sutter Home Chardonnay, while our Sauvignon Blanc complements a traditional hummus.

Whatever your snack cravings, indulging them a little during #MeTime will make the moments you have to yourself even more satisfying.

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#MeTime: Get Crafty


#MeTime: Get Crafty