Meet the Faces of Sutter Home for Hope 2012: Andrea

Meet the Faces of Sutter Home for Hope 2012: Andrea

We interviewed each of the Sutter Home women featured in this photo so you could get to know our team.

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What do you do for Sutter Home
I am a Sutter Home Brand Marketer.

What’s your favorite Sutter Home Wine
Sutter Home Sauvignon Blanc

How have you or someone you know been affected by breast cancer
My aunt was diagnosed with breast cancer a little over a year ago. She went through chemo and radiation over a 6 month period. They caught the cancer early and I think she is going to receive a clean bill of health. A coworker and friend of mine was diagnosed with breast cancer the first year that I was working with her (probably over 16 years ago). At 16 (yep, just gave away my age), she was the first person that I was close to going through this horrible battle. She had a pretty aggressive cancer that eventually spread to other parts throughout her body, including her bones. She was finally declared cancer free after 5 years, only to have it return a few years later. She is the strongest, most courageous person that I know and continues to have bi-monthly chemo treatments to keep the disease at bay. She will probably have to have treatments for the rest of her life. She and her husband are now retired and truly live life to the fullest, never taking one day for granted – such an inspiration!

How will you participate in National Breast Cancer Awareness Month
I plan to upload a photo of my friend and aunt to honor them on our Sutter Home Facebook and Pinterest pages and wear lots of pink!

Tell us something fun about yourself.
I once participated in the Breast Cancer 3-day walk – walking 60 miles in 3 days from Boulder to Denver, CO with my aunt and sister. One of the most amazing experiences I’ve ever done. One memory that stands out to me (besides the blisters on my feet) was a father/son that walked the event together. They had just lost their Mom/wife to breast cancer and were doing it to honor her. The boy was probably about 12 or 13, and I just remember walking next to them on the 2nd day – they didn’t say much to each other, but walked side-by-side, never complaining over the heat (it was over 90 degrees that day) or the blisters/pain from all the walking. It was pretty incredible – such an amazing thing to see a father and son share in together.

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Fans Support Sutter Home for Hope