Meet The Eclectic Duo “Flagship” in our Sutter Home Vibe & Vine Green Room

Meet The Eclectic Duo “Flagship” in our Sutter Home Vibe & Vine Green Room

Indie rock duo Flagship is made up of singer/guitarist Drake Margolnick and drummer Michael Finster.

They set out on a mission to make music that stirs up feelings, creates an atmospheric vibe, and makes you feel an array of emotions amidst a moving soundscape of timeless rock and roll.

And that they did.

They made a concept album—and even though they admit that these days, everyone including themselves has a short attention span, they still wanted to make an expansive album that had songs that told their story and at the same time clearly all belonged on the same album. Their sound is visionary and vivid, reflective of the minds and hearts behind the chords and percussion.

One of the best things about “Electric Man” is the fact that it is a concept album yet not in a stuffy, highfalutin way, but in a down-to-earth, straight from the heart emotional way. That’s no surprise, because when we asked Drake who he’d share a glass of wine with if it could be anyone, he immediately said,

“David Bowie and Leonard Cohen.” When we asked Michael the same question, he said, “John Lennon.”

The Flagship album, “Electric Man” was produced by Joey Waronker, who is the drummer for Beck, and plays in the band Atoms for Peace, to name just a few of his credentials.

“Electric Man” is met with much anticipation from fans and features singles Mexican Jackpot, The Ladder, and Midnight. You can watch the video for Mexican Jackpot, which was filmed and directed by prized director Michael Polish, on Youtube.

To discover more Flagship music and videos, visit Flagship’s website here.

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