May Book Club: Have Mother, Will Travel

May Book Club: Have Mother, Will Travel

Are you reading our Book Club feature for May, Have Mother, Will Travel, by Claire and Mia Fontaine We have been drawn into this story that follows a mother-daughter duo on a 5-month adventure through twelve countries. A follow-up to their memoir, Come Back, Have Mother, Will Travel is humorous, heartfelt, and incredibly relatable.

Want to host your own book club gathering around Have Mother, Will Travel We have some helpful tips – including some from the writers themselves.

  1. Have a reading schedule. Make sure your book club members are on track so everyone can participate in the discussion. But remember, don’t let any spoilers slip if someone got off schedule!
  2. Have questions on hand. You may not need too many talking points once the conversation starts flowing, but if discussion stalls, HarperCollins has a helpful discussion guide to get you and your gal pals back on track.
  3. Serve some snacks. No one can focus on chatting if they’re hungry! Consider serving this scrumptious Provencal Tomato Tart (it will remind you of when Claire and Mia visit France!).
  4. Pair with… Sutter Home Gerwurztraminer. An exotic varietal with hints of fruit, this wine will help transport you back to the travels Claire and Mia embarked upon in the book.
  5. Follow the “Three C’s.” Always the mother, Claire reminds all of us to remain the “calm, confident, and curious hostess.” This advice will help you throw wonderful gathering that you can actually be a part of and enjoy!

Have you, or will you, be adding Have Mother, Will Travel to your reading list We’d love to know what you think about the book in the comments below.

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Team Jamis-Hagens Berman presented by Sutter Home Maintains Lead