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Make Salt & Pepper Shakers Out of Sutter Home Mini Bottles!

Make Salt & Pepper Shakers Out of Sutter Home Mini Bottles!

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Our Facebook fan, Varonica T., made salt & pepper shakers out of mini bottles of Sutter Home White Zin!


1. To make your own, pick up a 4-pack of mini bottles (187ml) of your favorite Sutter Home wine.

2. Enjoy the wine!

3. Wash out the bottles, taking care not to get the label wet. Option: if you’d like to remove the labels completely, fill your sink with soap & warm water. Let the bottles soak in the sink for about an hour. The labels should slide off. If they’re stuck, let them soak for longer, ensuring that the water is warm.

4. Let the bottles dry completely!

5. Tap a nail through the caps to make holes.

6. When completely dry, fill with salt & pepper.

Do you have a cool wine-related craft? Leave it in our comments or post it on our Facebook page! We love creative ideas that recycle, reuse & upcycle!

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