Host *THE* BBQ of the Season!

Host *THE* BBQ of the Season!

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Now that Sutter Home’s Build a Better Burger is in full swing and the weather is getting warmer, we wanted to post some tips on how you can host the best BBQ of the season. We know that Sutter Home fans are entertainers at heart, so we hope that these ideas inspire your inner host with the most!

1. Make a burger/dog bar

If you’re serving the traditional BBQ fare of burgers and hot dogs, set up a table nearby the grill so guests can add an array of toppings to their burgers or hot dogs. For burgers, have different cheeses (sharp cheddar, slices of bleu, pepper jack, feta, provolone), bacon, Wholly Guacamole, and different even different buns! Try Kings Hawaiian, traditional sesame or wheat buns. For hot dogs, fill the spread with regular & dill relish, sauerkraut & grilled onions. Don’t forget the ketchup, yellow mustard, stone ground dijon & mayo!

2. Change up the menu

In addition to, or instead of, traditional hamburgers & hot dogs, offer your guests skewers! These easy to make grillables are fun & beautiful. Cube the chicken, steak, fish and cut up veggies the day before. Skewer them on pre-soaked skewer sticks (if you soak them in water, the stick won’t burn while on the grill) and set them in the fridge. Add marinades or special seasonings and you have an easy, ready made main course.

3. Shake it up

Offer your guests a variety of drinks – cans of soda, mini bottles of Sutter Home, bottles of water. Get a large bucket or tub, fill with ice and your guests can easily grab what they want throughout the day. To spice things up and make your backyard BBQ stand out, have a signature Sutter Home wine cocktail! Try our easy but delicious Sangria Rosada – the longer the fruit & wine mingle, the better it gets. It’s the perfect cocktail for a warm backyard BBQ.

4. Pretty it up

Your backyard is already gorgeous with plants & flowers, but you can bring some of that to the table! Buy fresh herbs and use them as centerpieces (then you can keep them & use the herbs in your cooking!) Another idea for picnic table centerpieces is to fill a brightly colored watering can with fresh flowers. Add some colorful plastic tablecloths to your outdoor tables, along with paper plates & plasticware in complementary fun colors. Your guests will be impressed!

5. Serve seasonal sides

Fruits, vegetables, and fish are always cheaper at the peak of the season. Don’t forget to check out your local farmer’s market for good deals on produce. Delicious BBQ sides like pasta salads with fresh veggies, corn on the cob & fruit salads are inexpensive and can be made in bulk.

6. Sweeten the potluck

Ask your guests to bring desserts! You’ll get some fun options that everyone will enjoy. Your guests are probably already wanting to bring something to the party, this way they can help you *and* show off their baking skills or shopping skills! You could even grab a cheap BBQ-related item from a dollar store have a contest – the best dessert wins the prize!

7. Games!

Everyone loves backyard games like horseshoes, washers, ladder golf and croquet. Your guests will love the opportunity to visit with each other over a friendly game of cornhole.

8. Turn up the tunes

Create a fun playlist using your music to set the mood! We know all of your friends & family will be making conversation amongst themselves, but music always adds to the party atmosphere. Other options like Pandora make it even easier – set it to an artist you like and Pandora will do the rest.

9. Test your recipe

Use your BBQ as a chance to try your original burger recipe on your friends! They’ll love an opportunity to try your creation and you’ll get practice before submitting your entry to Sutter Home’s Build a Better Burger contest! Just make sure they know that the $100,000 is all yours.


Once all the hard work is complete, sit back & relax with a glass of Sangria Rosado and enjoy all of the conversation & laughter with your guests.


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