Happy last weekend in July!

Happy last weekend in July!

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Hey burger fans, a friendly reminder that this year’s BBB will be closing on Wednesday, July 29 at 12:00PM (that’s NOON–not midnight 😉 )

That means that this weekend is the last weekend where you can prep and test. Have everyone over for a last-weekend-in-July-2009 BBQ and get grilling! I’m sure your guests won’t mind being guinea pigs for your latest recipe. (If they do, call me. I’ll take one for the team and volunteer to eat burgers!)

We have already had some stellar recipes float our way but, very selfishly, we wouldn’t want to miss out on yours. And, as a self-proclaimed burger connoisseur, I eagerly await the day the contest closes where I know we have all the recipes in our hands and we get to working in the test kitchen.

Plus, who doesn’t want a free trip to the Napa Valley and the chance to win $50,000? Do you know how many spatulas that could buy? I mean, I’m not exactly sure but I’m guessing a lot. (I suppose you may want to spend the prize money on other items too–we support that as well.)

But back to the road that gets you Napa in the first place…if I could give you all one tip for submitting recipes, it would be to check your work. And by that, I mean, make sure the ingredients are listed in the order that they are used. This is such a huge point, I can’t even stress it enough. We lose out on so many recipes that have SUCH potential to our judges because a recipe isn’t written properly (aka the ingredients are listed out of order.) It seriously disappoints me, the burger tester.

My best advice for making sure this does not happen would be to write down the ingredients as you physically make the burger. THEN go back and write the recipe instructions, after you have listed the ingredients as your pulled them from your fridge and cabinets.

So now that you have your tip o’ the day, get grillin’ and flood us with recipes before Wednesday! (We don’t mind having to surf through the piles of potential deliciousness, we promise!) We wanna see you in Napa on September 26!

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