Happy HoliDIYs: Festive Wine Bottle Sweaters

Happy HoliDIYs: Festive Wine Bottle Sweaters

Every year, more people are getting in the spirit of the season by attending “ugly sweater” parties, donning holiday designs that are often decked out with plenty of baubles and bric-a-brac.
Now you can dress up a gift of Sutter Home wine in a festive “sweater” that’s sure to bring cheer to your family and friends. Just grab some felt, a few other simple craft supplies, and you’ll have the bottle ready to join the party in no time!


Sutter Home wine bottle sweater template (pdf)
2 square felt sheets
Hot glue gun
Ballpoint pen (works best for tracing the template onto felt)
Ribbon, stickers, sequins, glitter, pompoms, or other embellishments



  1. Print out template and cut forms out along outline.
  2. Place two felt squares on top of one another, and using the paper template, trace the form onto the top piece of felt with ballpoint pen.
  3. Holding the pieces of felt together, cut along your traced line.
  4. Once the front and back pieces have been cut out, use the hot glue gun to join the felt together, leaving the bottom and top/neck portions open so the sweater can be placed over the top of the bottle.
  5. When glued edges have cooled, decorate your Sutter Home wine bottle sweater with whatever embellishments you choose, using small dabs of hot glue to adhere them to the felt.

​To find more ideas for adding some simple DIY to the holidays, click here or visit our Happy HoliDIYS board on Pinterest.

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