Happy HoliDIYS: Easy Wine Bottle Wrap-ups

Happy HoliDIYS: Easy Wine Bottle Wrap-ups

​Who doesn’t love receiving a gift of Sutter Home wine? This year, double their delight by wrapping each bottle in unforgettable fashion with the simple instructions below!>/span>

Socks Wrap

Perfect Pair: Place the Sutter Home wine bottle in one of the socks with the bottom of the bottle going in first. Secure the wine bottle and sock by tying the second sock in a knot around the neck. Then embellish with an ornament, bow, or other decoration of your choosing.


Mittens Wrap

Mittens It Is: Place the Sutter Home wine bottle into one of the mittens, bottom-first. Using ribbon, tie the second mitten to the back of the bottle and first mitten. Once securely tied around the bottle and mittens, use the excess ribbon to tie a large bow on the front of the bottle. Then make any additions to the bow and bottle that you’d like – glitter, small pieces of garland, or maybe some mistletoe!


Tea Towel Wrap

Tea One and Only: Spread a tea towel out flat, design-side down. Place the Sutter Home wine bottle upright in the center of the tea towel. Next, gather the corners around the top of the bottle and tie a ribbon around the neck of the bottle to hold the corners in place. Finish by tying the ribbon into a bow and adding decorations, like a silk poinsettia or even a cute little elf.


Double Bottles Wrap

Tea for Two: Lay a tea towel design-side down with corners facing North/South/East/West. Next, place two wine bottles on their sides, tops pointing to the E/W corners with about 4″ between them. Fold the S corner over the bottles to the N corner. Keeping the folded portion of the towel tight over the bottles, roll the bottles toward the N corner. Hold the towel in place and stand each bottle upright. Use the excess fabric to tie a knot and secure the bundle. Add a medium-sized jingle bell or other trimmings to finish.


Stockings Wrap

All Stocked Up: Tie a bow, ornament, or other decoration around the neck of the Sutter Home wine bottle. Then, after filling the foot of an empty stocking as you wish, place the wine bottle inside, upright along the stocking’s length. Pack in other assorted goodies to fill the space next to the bottle. Wrapped presents of wine charms and a corkscrew would be perfect additions!


​To find more ideas for adding some simple DIY to the holidays, click here or visit our Happy HoliDIYS board on Pinterest.


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