Happy Burger Day!

Happy Burger Day!

Holy wow! It’s here!

I was up super early today and feeling good…I stopped and got a venti something-super-caffeinated and was doing even better.

I started taking pictures (because that’s what I do) while the setup was going on (see evidence below) and then I had to get some guests situated so again with the apologies for tardiness!


But, we are back on track and our alternative finalists are off!

Region 1 Alternative Finalist aka Rick Rohr is already at the grill and goin’ strong as is Region 2 Alternative Finalist Harold Cohen…here’s a quick run down of logistics:


Rick Rohr gets situated as the first BBB finalist to hit the grill


Harold Cohen attacks the red bell pepper with a fairly large utensil

So the 9am kick off has come and gone and Rick fired up his grill (let’s see how many times I use that reference today). Then every ten minutes another finalist will head off to start their 3 hour cooking period. (The theory behind that is to give the judges a slight break between tasting the final burgers–I hope they didn’t have big breakfasts!)

Stay tuned…now that I’m up and running, we are back on schedule!

**I apologize in advance for the typos that will inevitably occur today. It’s these fingers of fury…they have a life of their own!**

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Confessions of a slacking blogger

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Confessions of a slacking blogger