Grill Like the Pros with Our Build a Better Burger Semifinalists’ Recipes​

Grill Like the Pros with Our Build a Better Burger Semifinalists’ Recipes​

Grill Like the Pros with Our Build a Better Burger Semifinalists' Recipes​

Sutter Home Proudly Presents Our 20 Build a Better Burger Contest Semifinalists. ​

When we asked all of you from around the country if you had a scrumptious homemade burger recipe that would stack up against the best burger recipes in our Build a Better Burger Contest, for the chance to win $25,000, you served up so many creative recipes for our judges to sink their teeth into. ​

Fact is, we received unbelievably good burger recipes with such unique ingredient combinations and equally unusual names to match, it turned out to be quite the juicy debate between our judges. We love when that happens. So, bravo and congratulations to all of our 20 Build a Better Burger Contest Semifinalists for 2017!  ​

Drum Roll Please! ​

  1. Mary Edwards, from Long Beach, California, brings us “The Italian Connection Club Burger.” The accent is on Italian. Learn to speak it here: The Italian Connection Club Burger
  2. Kate O’Shaughnessy from San Francisco, gave us her “Pork Burgers with Apple-Onion Chutney and Spicy Brown Mustard.” Need we say more. (P.S. Bring plenty of plates and napkins.) Here’s the recipe: Pork Burgers with Apple-Onion Chutney and Spicy Brown Mustard
  3. Gary Stefan from Tucson, Arizona, sent in his recipe for the “BigAburger-Witda-Works.” The ginormous flavor of this not-so-classic burger is a real kick in the kisser!  Get cooking here: BigAburger-Witda-Works
  4. Emily Falke from Santa Barbara, created this “Mushroom and Fennel Ragout Burger with Tomato Rouille.” Get ready for a burger sensation where you taste the aroma before ever taking a bite. Get the recipe: Mushroom and Fennel Ragout Burger with Tomato Rouille
  5. Hidemi Walash from Centreville, Virginia, shared with us the “Middle Eastern Inspired Burger.” This exotic recipe will have your taste buds traveling the globe. Here’s the recipe: Middle Eastern Inspired Burger
  6. Teresa Cardin, from Stephenville, Texas, sent us her recipe for “Jalapeño Pecan-Crusted Grass-Fed Beef Burgers with Sun-Dried Tomato Cheese Sauce Chipotle Corn Mayo.” Who could ask for anything more? Here’s the recipe: Jalapeño Pecan-Crusted Grass-Fed Beef Burgers​
  7. Teresa Clabaugh, from Houston, Texas, sent in her recipe for “Slammin’ Salmon Burger with A Twist.” Quite the tongue twister and such a deliciously healthy state of taste. Here’s the recipe: Slammin’ Salmon Burger with A Twist
  8. Lexi Martone, from Dix Hills, New York, gave us the burger recipe for “The Zeus!” Its thundering taste is more than mythic, it’s epic! Check out the recipe: The Zeus
  9. Juliana Evans, from Wesley Chapel, Florida, sent in her recipe for “Calypso Chicken Burger.” It’s the perfect recipe for all your hungry pirates! Get it here: Calypso Chicken Burger ​
  10. Sharon (Sherry) Ricci, from Mendon, New York, sent in her recipe for “Lake-To-Lake Lamb Burger.” ​Are you a farmer’s market kind of cook? Then this is your kind of burger recipe: Lake-To-Lake Lamb Burger​
  11. Julie Beckwith, from Crete, Illinois, sent in her recipe for “Crosstown Classic Burgers.” If you think the windy city is just known for its love of baseball, hotdogs, and deep dish pizza, check out this burger recipe: Crosstown Classic Burgers
  12. Lauren Katz, from Ashburn, Virginia, gave us her recipe for “Scampi Prawn Sliders with Blistered Tomatoes and Lemon Pesto Aioli.” That name’s sure a mouthful, and so was its delicious taste. Here’s the recipe: Scampi Prawn Sliders with Blistered Tomatoes and Lemon Pesto Aioli
  13. Lu Holter, from Hudson, Wisconsin, sent in the recipe for “Crunchy Ramen Burger.” This burger doesn’t come with a fortune cookie, but you’ll sure feel fortunate once you try it. Start cooking here: Crunchy Ramen Burger 
  14. Jean Johnson, from Enterprise, Alabama, sent in her recipe for “The Cheesy Pleaser.” Cheese lovers will rejoice and yelp, “more please” after just one bite. Get the recipe: The Cheesy Pleaser
  15. Casandra Walters, from Murfreesboro, Tennessee, sent in her recipe for “Date with A Pig Burger.” Believe it or not this juicy burger packs a punch of healthful fruit. Bite into it here: Date with A Pig Burger
  16. Stacy Mueller, From Wauwatosa, Wisconsin, sent in her recipe for “Simply Summer Burgers.” Get ready for the taste of summer, any time of year. Bathing suit optional. Get the recipe: Simply Summer Burgers 
  17. Janet Jackson-Coty from Haddonfield, New Jersey, sent in her recipe for “Vietnamese Pho Noodle Salad Burger.” It’s as sweet, spicy, and fresh as you are. Get cooking: Vietnamese Pho Noodle Salad Burger 
  18. Carolyn Wheel, from Fairfax, Vermont, served up her recipe for “Vermonter Burger.” ​When one of your recipe’s staples is maple, as in maple onion bacon, you’ll be smiling sweetly. Here’s the recipe: Vermonter Burger
  19. ​Tom Doyle, from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, sent his recipe for “Bringin’ Da Heat!” ​This burger’s Cajun flair is music to your mouth. Get fired up here: Bringin’ Da Heat​
  20. Thomas Faglon, from Somerset, New Jersey, shared his recipe for the “Grand English.”  A very tasteful way for you and your guests to feel like English royalty. Find the recipe here: Grand English 

Again, congratulations to all of our semifinalists and our five runners-up. For those of you who entered your burger recipes yet are not on the list, please know that our independent panel of Build a Better Burger judges received so many incredible recipes they all can’t be chosen. However, we sure look forward to seeing what homemade recipe you cook up for next year’s Sutter Home Build a Better Burger Contest.

Until then, the kitchen is closed. ​

​Do you have a prediction of which recipe will be the winner? Let us know.

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