Find Out How Blake Shelton Also Ended Up Recording the Song “God Gave Me You” By Dave Barnes

Find Out How Blake Shelton Also Ended Up Recording the Song “God Gave Me You” By Dave Barnes

Dave Barnes says his wife Annie, inspired “God Gave Me You” who supported him “through all the ups and downs of an artist’s career.” After releasing it, Dave said that he received mail from fans who said that the song’s message “saved marriages or became a theme for a couple’s relationship.”

Turns out the big-hearted message of Dave’s song, “God Gave Me You” attracted big-name talent, like, Blake Shelton, who told Dave, that he heard the song on Christian radio, which is funny due to the fact that Dave says he never had a song on that format before.

As the story unfolds, Blake said, he was driving home from the Dallas airport to his home in Oklahoma, and the song came on, it really connected with him. So, he downloaded the song then and there on the way home, and called Scott his manager, and told him he found a song he had to record.

Dave loves telling this story because of the way Blake discovered the song on the radio. “No one was pitching the song to Blake. No one was trying to convince him about it. None of that. Blake just connected to the song, and there’s no greater thing for a songwriter than to know a song really moves the people hearing it. So cool. Kudos to Blake for believing in it and pushing for it to be recorded!”

Dave believes many people can relate to the sentiment of “God Gave Me You.”  “I think most of us have people we are thankful for, people we have a great appreciation for, and it’s hard to believe that we meet those people randomly, but rather that there was some divine providence in their involvement in our lives.” That’s what inspired to Dave to write lyrics like the following for ”God Gave Me You”

“God gave me you for the ups and downs. ​

God gave me you for the days of doubt. ​

For when I think I’ve lost my way, ​

There are no words here left to say, it’s true ​

God gave me you”

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