Entertainment Tips: The Last Original Wife

Entertainment Tips: The Last Original Wife

Why Comfort Food?

Why not?  Food is not meant to merely fuel our furnace.  And its intention should not be to deny or reward us according to the calendar or our cholesterol levels.  

Delicious food can be transforming, life-affirming, and restorative, indeed, a trip to a holy place that dwells within us all, searing deep and profound happiness into our low-sodium, low-carb half-starved souls.  And if that seems like a lot to expect from the boneless, skinless chicken, and the steamed broccoli or spinach that seems to plague us at every turn, you are right.  It is.

If a well prepared meal is supposed to make you feel better about life in general, then comfort food is going to make you feel better about everything. I love the notion of emotional eating.  When our friends come for dinner they know what to expect – mortal sin served on my very best china and the best wine we can rustle up.  

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