Do You Collect Wine Corks? Try This DIY Vase!

Do You Collect Wine Corks? Try This DIY Vase!

Sutter Home invites you to get creative and uncork your crafty side with this DIY cork flower vase project.​ It will add handcrafted flair to your décor and makes for a great conversation piece when friends and family come to visit.

Starting this project is as easy as drinking your favorite Sutter Home wines. All you have to do is collect enough corks to get started. This cork flower vase makes a wonderful centerpiece for any table or fireplace mantel, a candelabra or a vase for your favorite seasonal floral arrangements. If you love discovering new DIY projects and reasons to uncork your favorite Sutter Home wines for family and friends, we think this handcrafted and unique vino-inspired vase will really hit home.

​What You’ll Need:​

  • 4-sided glass vase​
  • About 40-80 wine corks, depending on the size of your vase​
  • Craft glue


  1. Position the corks horizontally and glue them along the sides of the vase with a strong adhesive craft glue.​
  2. Stack the corks vertically along the four outer edges and glue into place.​
  3. When the glue is dry, fill the vase with water and add flowers of your choice.
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