DIY: Last-Minute Halloween Costume Ideas

DIY: Last-Minute Halloween Costume Ideas

Talk about scary—coming up with a last-minute Halloween costume can be a frightening affair. Costume shops are often overpriced and over-picked, so why not DIY a creative getup just in the nick of time? Whether the kids just couldn’t decide or you’ve been invited to a spur-of-the-moment costume party, here are make-at-home ideas guaranteed to be a hit this Halloween.

Rosie the Riveter
You’ll only need…a denim shirt, red bandanna and red lipstick.

A Smartphone
You’ll only need…a black dress or black shirt/pants, tape and paper/markers/a little creativity to make the “apps.”

A Jellyfish
You’ll only need…strips of crepe paper to attach to a clear umbrella, and a white dress or tutu.

Error Message
You’ll only need…a white T-shirt and a permanent marker to write “Error 1031: Costume Not Found.”

The Really-Last-Minute Ghost
You’ll only need…a white sheet and some scissors.

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