Burgers Inspired by International Flavors – Part 1

Burgers Inspired by International Flavors – Part 1

Summer is a wonderful time to travel and explore the world around you. With that same spirit in mind, we’ve picked five burgers from our special Build a Better Burger 25th Anniversary recipe collection that are inspired by international flavors.

Each of these deliciously different burgers can be prepared in 25 minutes or less, making it easy to bring the flavors of faraway places to your backyard. No passport required, but be sure to bring the Sutter Home wine!

ITALY: Italian Summer Burgers

Transport your tastebuds to Italy with a delectable combination of Gorgonzola and sweet mustard jam. Be sure to pack some Sutter Home Merlot for this journey to the Old World.

SPAIN: Burgers La Mancha

Take along Sutter Home Zinfandel for this 2009 People’s Choice Award winner, which offers succulent layers of Spanish flavors from caramelized red peppers and a smoky tomato aioli. Get the recipe.

MEXICO: Peppered Pineapple Al Pastor Burgers

South of the border may be not be very far to travel for some, but these pineapple-topped pork burgers bring the classic street taco combination to everyone. Upgrade this sweet and savory duo with Sutter Home Pinot Grigio.

VIETNAM: Banh “Moo” Burgers

Inspired by Vietnamese banh mi sandwiches with pickled carrots and daikon,  sriracha mayo, and fresh herbs, elevate these burgers to first-class status fresh off the grill with Sutter Home Pinot Noir.

KOREA: The Heart & Seoul of Korea Burgers

This recipe, the Grand Prize Winner in the 2014 Sutter Home Build a Better Burger Recipe Contest, incorporates gochujang (a spicy pepper paste), plus a surprisingly popular Korean favorite – Spam! Pair with Sutter Home Zinfandel.

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