Build a Better Burger Finalists!

Build a Better Burger Finalists!

The wait is finally over! After a lot of tastings and deliberations we are pleased to announce our 2011 Build a Better Burger finalists. Check out Burgers Facebook and Twitter pages for all the juicy updates, and the recipes are posted here, so try them yourself and let us know what you think!

Beef Finalists:

· Jennifer B – Screen Porch Burgers

· Jim B – Chipotle-Infused Burgers

· Loanne C. – Soul of Seoul Slicers

· Monique E. – Banh “Moo” Burgers

· Janette N. – Cilantro Chimichurri Burgers

Alternative Finalists:

· Mark P – Latino Pork Burgers

· Sonali R. – Valencia Pork Burgers

· Mackenzie S – Jamaican Pork Burgers

· Krista T – Knockout Korean “Soul” Burgers

· Lauren W – Peppered Pineapple Al Pastor Burgers

We also have an extra treat for you today! We love to share recipes from one Burger lover to the rest, so check out Angela’s blog Alternative Tastes, where she posted her entry into this year’s contest (and a second one that sounds just as good!) Good luck next time Angela, and thanks for sharing your recipes!

Sutter Home for Hope: Send in Your Capsules

Sutter Home for Hope

Sutter Home for Hope: Send in Your Capsules