Bring the Family Together With Traditions, Both New and Old

Bring the Family Together With Traditions, Both New and Old

The time is always right for doing the things you enjoy with the family that you love. Come to think of it, one of the most memorable ways to spend time with loved ones occurs when everyone gathers together to celebrate family traditions. During the holidays, these traditions are all around us. From decorating the tree and hosting dinners to watching the ball drop on New Year’s Eve, there is no shortage of family time on these joyous occasions.

But what about the rest of the year? We often get so caught up with busy work schedules, appointments, and everyday life that sometimes family time gets pushed to the side. If you want to make family time a year-round priority, why not start a few new family traditions that you’ll treasure beyond the holidays? From seemingly small things like a classic board game night to bigger plans like a weekend getaway, you can make every moment matter with these modern customs.

Plan a Weekend Getaway

With busy schedules abound, it can be challenging to get everyone together for an extended period of time. Make it a new tradition to escape the hustle and bustle by planning a family retreat. A camping trip, a cabin, or even an out-of-town relative’s house can be great destinations for everyone to gather.

Cooking With the Family 

Once a week, bring the family together with a meal made by everyone, to be shared by everyone. Splitting the workload (from the veggie-chopping to the table-setting) gets the prep work done twice as fast while adding in extra time for bonding before the big feast. Keep the Sutter Home wine flowing and the good times rolling all evening long.

Classic Board Game Night 

This one is fun for all ages and is practically guaranteed to keep the whole crowd smiling. Line up a few favorites — from word games to trivia — for a fun-filled tradition that makes everyone feel like a winner.

If you like this, then serve up this White Sangria Cocktail when everyone gets together.

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