Book Club Selection: The Roots of the Olive Tree

Book Club Selection: The Roots of the Olive Tree

We’re excited to welcome back author Courtney Miller Santo to the Sutter Home Book Club. An extraordinary new voice in contemporary women’s fiction, her novel Three Story House, was a previous pick.

This month, we’ve selected The Roots of the Olive Tree, which marked Courtney’s debut. Her multi-generational story is a wonderful fit as we prepare for Thanksgiving, a time when many of us celebrate with our extended family, sharing good food and some great stories.

The Roots of the Olive Tree

A secluded olive grove in California’s Sacramento Valley provides the setting for this extraordinary story in which five generations of strong, unique, and sometimes troubled women come to live in the same house. With the firm hand of Anna, their 112-year old matriarch, at the helm, they face uncomfortable truths, explosive emotions, and surprising revelations that truly shake them to their roots.

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