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Blush Wines

Blush Wines

Keeping with our pink theme this month here’s a little Wine 101 about Blush Wines:

There is a difference between blush and rosé wines: blush are sweeter and a lighter pink, while rosé are dry and a deeper pink.

If you’re planning a trip to Europe and can’t live without your blush wine, don’t be surprised if you get a blank stare when you order it. Countries in Europe refer to all pink wine as rosé.

You can try to make your own! This isn’t how the professionals do it, but you can create blush wine by adding red and white wine together. It might be fun to serve it alongside actual blush wine and see if anyone can tell the difference!

Food to pair blush wine with: poultry, pork, seafood or any spicy cuisine.

Interested?! Try these blush wines from Sutter Home: White Zinfandel, White Merlot, and Pink Moscato!

And don’t forget, you can order wine from our online store One Stop Wine Shop straight to your door! *Some states not eligible due to state laws (so find it in a store near you!)

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Sutter Home for Hope

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