Add A Touch of Magic to Your Décor with Our Homemade Sutter Home Firefly Bottles

Add A Touch of Magic to Your Décor with Our Homemade Sutter Home Firefly Bottles

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The flickering twinkle of fireflies dancing through the air lets us know that the day is coming to an end. It has the power to bring us back to our childhood days, chasing and catching these fluttering creatures in the hopes of being able to hold a little bit of magic in our hands. With just a few flashing lights, we’re once again filled with wonder.

We’ve put together a simple way to capture the amazement and joy of a jar of fireflies without any bug catching necessary. They will bring a touch of mesmerizing sparkle to any backyard picnic or a hint of romance to any nighttime event. Enjoy them with a glass of Sutter Home Rosé and prepare to fall in love with the flavors of the wine and the visual delights of our homemade Sutter Home Firefly Bottles. Light up your life.

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Supplies to Make Homemade Sutter Home Firefly Bottles:

  1. Empty/Clean Wine Bottle
  2. Firefly lights with batteries  – 10 LED lights per strand /  Waterproof LED lights (fits any standard wine bottle)

How to Create It:​​

  1. Empty and Clean Sutter Home Wine Bottle
  2. Let Dry Completely
  3. Add Firefly Lights​
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Come on in and make yourself at home. Please just verify that you’re 21 years of age or older.

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