A little something I like to call “Ode to Michele”

A little something I like to call “Ode to Michele”

During all the hub-bub (that word is not used nearly enough, by the way) I had set my camera down to setup some balloons and whatnot.

Fast forward to 2 hours later and I’m working with camera crews and all the other stuff that came up (PR is my “day job”) and then I look to where I thought I had left my camera.

Not there. (insert look of sheer terror here.)

I told Michele, Event Coordinator Extraordinaire, my quandry and while I’m wondering where I could possibly have left my camera, Michele walks over, my camera in hand. She is fabulous.

For those of you playing at home, Michele is the gal who has been planning this event since December and she is recently engaged and planning a wedding at the same time. She rocks.

So, whew, crisis averted and I have my camera.

The Beef Finalists have headed to their stations (well, Region 1’s Erin Evenson and Region 2’s Jamie Martin have anyway) and they are well on their way…


Erin Evenson chats with Sutter Home President & COO Bob Torkelson and if you have ever wondered who created White Zinfandel, that’d be the gentleman on the right in the blue shirt–Bob Trinchero. You can thank him later.


Jamie Martin chats with the camera crew, getting ready to start her 3 hours.

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