A Dessert Worth Sharing: Red Wine Raspberry Jam Cookies

A Dessert Worth Sharing: Red Wine Raspberry Jam Cookies


Your kitchen is more than just a destination for food. It’s where countless memories are made alongside homemade meals, where friends and family gather, sharing laughter and conversations during casual weeknight dinners and elaborate holiday celebrations alike. For many families, the kitchen is truly the heart of the home.

Which brings us our latest lovable dessert recipe from the blog, “A Beautiful Mess,” Red Wine Raspberry Jam Cookies. Much like the kitchen is the heart of your home, you’ll find that the decadent red wine raspberry jam is the heart of these chewy, chocolatey melt-in-your-mouth cookies. Baked with love (and plenty of chocolate), you’re bound to make a few more memories when these warm, comforting morsels come out of the oven.

Featuring Sutter Home’s own Pinot Noir in the sweet surprise center, these sugar-coated treats are primed to go beyond the kitchen. With the holiday season in full swing, think of these little cookies not only as something to serve, but something to give. If you’re attending a Thanksgiving dinner at a friend’s home, make it a “Thanksgifting” dinner instead by popping the cookies in a decorative tin and giving it to your hosts along with a bottle of Sutter Home wine. You can even treat your work family by bringing a platter into the office before the holiday weekend. There’s nothing like a homemade present that comes from the heart — and the heart of your home.

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