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Discover thousands of Sutter Home's amazing wine cocktails and burger recipes that'll make sure any party or night at home is special.

Mushrooms are popular all over America, and especially in Texas. This burger has a special Texas twist with the addition of jalapenos in the alfredo sauce.

I love lamb but the wife and I fight over how it should be served. I like my lamb chops grilled or oven roasted until medium and served with a wine/au jus herbed reduction.

Being of Italian heritage, we love to grill our favorite foods (sausage, eggplant, peppers, cheese) and have our friends over to enjoy the food and of course drink Sutter wine.

This summer was the first time I ever purchased truffle butter. A local specialty foods store had white truffle butter on sale so I decided to buy it, not knowing what I would use the butter for.