Wine Cocktail: You're a Peach

| Posted by Megan for Sutter Home
Not that anything is as sweet as you, but this cocktail sure tries! Enjoy the sweet life and a little #MeTime with our You're a Peach cocktail!
1 scoop peach sorbet
3 canned peaches in juice
Scoop peach sorbet into a martini glass. Add three slices of canned peaches. Slowly pour Sutter Home Moscato over the sorbet. Eat with a spoon or let the sorbet melt and enjoy as a slushie cocktail!



Submitted by nancy on

This is amazing, delicious. I justed used fresh peaches instead if canned. guests loved it. Thank you!!

Submitted by Heather on

We're so happy this wine cocktail was a hit at your get-together! Using fresh peaches was a fantastic idea.

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