Sutter Home for Hope 2013

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We are proud to announce that this marks the 12th year of the Sutter Home for Hope movement to help raise awareness and support for breast cancer research and education. Each year we are overwhelmed with the positive feedback and heartwarming stories of survival and camaraderie that this program projects and we are determined to continue it for as long as possible!


But, we can’t do all of this without your support and participation. Joining in our Capsules for Hope campaign is as simple as saving your Sutter Home wine capsule or receipt! Not sure what the capsule is? It’s that little foil piece that is removed before you take the cork from your wine. For each capsule or receipt we receive from now until December 31st, 2013, we will donate $1* towards the cause.


A few of our favorite ways to collect capsules include:



Once your capsules are ready to be sent, gather them in an envelope and send them to:

                                                            Sutter Home for Hope

                                                             Promo ID: SHFH13

                                                               PO Box 426022

                                                         Del Rio, TX 78842-6022


Don’t keep this great campaign to yourself! Share the news on your Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest and consider getting a group together to start your capsule collection! 


* Up to $100,000 for all Capsules for Hope activities


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