Sutter Home Mini Bottles for Memorial Day Weekend

| Posted by Megan for Sutter Home

Do you have your wine picked out for Memorial Day weekend yet? Let's make it easy - grab 4-packs of Sutter Home mini bottles (187mls)! These 4-packs come in most of varietals and are perfect for sharing. Get an assortment and you can taste through Sutter Home Wines! These mini bottles are perfect for the cooler or ice bucket among the beer, sodas & water. Have your Sutter Home wherever you are.

For ideas on hosting your own BBQ this weekend, check out this blog post!


Submitted by BKnilinois on

Thanks very much to the Sutter Home people.

I love the escape of having a small wine by Sutter Home with a serving as the mini bottle.

I just love your small wine bottle from the four pack! So cute and tasteful. Thank you so much for telling us about the deer that are running down the moutaim

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