Live in the Vineyard - Pour Over Our Playlist

| Posted by Heather for Sutter Home
2015 LITV Hero
Wine with music is one of our favorite pairings, which is why we’re a proud sponsor of the Spring 2015 edition of Live in the Vineyard, March 26-29, in Napa Valley, California.
In anticipation of this exclusive music event, we’ve compiled a YouTube playlist of the artists scheduled to appear in Wine Country in just a few weeks’ time, including Melissa Etheridge, Lifehouse, Florida Georgia Line, and Needtobreathe.
Pour yourself a glass of Sutter Home wine – like our Pink Moscato or try our new Red Blend – stream our lineup-inspired playlist below, and be sure to enter for a chance to win a trip to Live in the Vineyard.

Enter now for a chance to win a trip to experience this exclusive concert weekend!


Submitted by Sharon Doninelli on

Nothing better than having a glass (or more) of delicious Sutter Home wine while listening to music!

Submitted by Conne ramsey on

wow. I need some good luck these days . Would love to be part of this and just o you know. Sutter is the only wine in our household.

Submitted by Coleen LeMaster on

Love this!

Submitted by Cindi Sissel on

Awe to be there in Warm Sunny California with Great wine and wonderful song. No better way to spend the weekend.

Submitted by Loren Trauth on

My spouse & I have never been to Napa. We would love to be able to enjoy Sutter Home Wines & great Music! Cheers!

Submitted by Patty Hoaglund on

I live in Alaska and would LOVE to get to warm, sunny Napa. I would ~LOVE~ to enjoy Sutter's Vino
and listen to Melissa's Awesome Music!

Submitted by Patty Hoaglund on

3/17 : I would LOVE to hear Melissa's awesome music and enjoy Sutter's wonderful wine in Napa!

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