Live in the Vineyard

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Guitar and Sutter Home Wine

Experience Live in the Vineyard LIVE.

It’s that time again. Between November 5th and November 8th in the heart of wine country, in Napa Valley, is a weekend of live music, great wine and savory food, all coming together in perfect harmony. Best of all, as always you’re all invited to enter for your chance to win a trip there.


This year will be exceptionally awesome because besides seeing great shows by Barenaked Ladies, For King & Country, Andrew McMahon, Michael Franti and Nick Fradiani, winners will attend an exclusive performance by multiplatinum three-time Grammy Award winner Rob Thomas at the Sutter Home Winery. Attendees will also be given an all-access pass to the Sutter Home “Vibe & Vine” Room, where rockers shine, music plays and the wine pours just for you.


If you love the soul-stirring melodies of live rock & roll, combined with the perfectly played notes of rock star wines and the taste of down-home grub, enter for your chance to win tickets to Live in the Vineyard at It’s perfect harmony the way it ought to be. 




Submitted by MARY VEGA on

I'm 64 and finally retired. I've never been able to go on a trip like this what a great way to celebrate life. And a great surprise for my husband

Submitted by Isabel & Dave C... on

We enjoy Sutter Home wines. We would enjoy visiting the winery and seeing Rob Thomas.

Submitted by Denise Kary on

Please pick me. It's my birthday on November 7. And even better it's my twin sisters birthday. We love wine and music especially Sutterhome. Double the fun for the price of one. The best wine for any occasion.

Submitted by Angela Delgado on

I recently married two years ago and my husabnd and I never got the chance to go on a honeymoon. Would love the opportunity to show my husband how we celebrate in the good Ole USA with taste at Sutterhome.

Submitted by Tandy Girotii on

Sis and I just saw you in the OC with GooGoo Dolls. Been listening to MB20 for 18 years. I Am is my favorite song touches me every time I play it. You are my I Heart Radio listen to every morning on the way to work. Keeping fingers crossed.

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