Don't miss your chance!

| Posted by Kelly for Sutter Home


Enter now for your chance to win a trip to Live in the Vineyard with exclusive access to artist performances.   


Submitted by Becky Watts on

I would love to attend, it is a once in a lifetime dream event!
My favorite wine and fabulous music. I've never been to Napa
But hope to someday.

Submitted by Gina gagliano on

I have NEVER been to napa!!
Love love music!
Will be off for my spring break!
Meeting my childhood sweetheart for the first time after 27 years of not seeing each other.. This would be a dream come true to win and go together!! Universe... My bags are packed and I'm ready!!

Submitted by Hilary Brennan on

We have been PULSE fans for years and every year we dream of having the chance to attend Live in the Vineyard. Hoping it becomes a reality for our 20th wedding anniversary. Can't imagine a more romantic and inspirational way to celebrate!

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