Wine Wednesday Rule #12 (+What is Wine Wednesday Anyway?)

| Posted by Megan for Sutter Home

Happy Wine Wednesday from all of us at Sutter Home!

What is Wine Wednesday anyway? Every Wednesday, wine lovers from around the world hop onto Twitter and share their love of wine. Each tweet includes wither #WineWednesday or #WW. Twitter folks give shout outs to their wine-loving friends on Twitter, people tweet about what wine they're drinking, which wines they've tried recently, which wines they love, which wines they don't. Join us and all the wine lovers across the globe every Wednesday for #WineWednesday!

Sutter Home Twitter handle: @sutterhome

#WineWednesday search on Twitter: See what people are saying now!

We love #WineWednesday for obvious reasons. We also love it because we get to talk about wine with you! We share food & wine pairings, we follow new wine lovers and we share a new #WineWednesday Rule – one of life's simple pleasures paired with wine.

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