This DIY Bird Feeder Will Make Your Nest Feel Even More Like Home

| Posted by Heather for Sutter Home

Bird Feeder

It’s summer, and the backyard is calling. So are the birds! Give them a place all their own and cut down on waste with our handy bird feeder hack. All you need is a little weekend time, a few on-hand tools, and this simple DIY guide to breathe new life into one of your empty wine bottles.

Here’s how to create your own snack bar for the birds:

  1. Start off by getting all the necessary tools and materials. You’ll need wooden boards cut to your desired size, exterior-friendly paint & paintbrush, empty wine bottle, birdseed, and a drill and screws.
  2. Paint the wood and let dry.
  3. Attach your pieces of wood, using a small hole saw to cut the hole for your wine bottle. Make sure to create a lip at the bottom of your feeder to contain the seed.
  4. Attach the wooden piece with the wine bottle hole, fill the bottle with birdseed, and voila!

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