Social Hour: Friendship Day

| Posted by Heather for Sutter Home

Paint, Drink, Create

What better way to thank a friend for the great memories they’ve given you over the years than to invite them to create some new ones.

“Paint and Sip” studios have popped up across the United States. It’s an opportunity to bond with friends while exploring a new (or existing) talent. Studios provide all of the painting materials, skilled instruction and wine you and your friends need to go home with a one-of-a-kind piece of artwork.

Sunday Funday

No “Paint and sip” studios near you? Try a Sunday Funday craft night at home. A few (empty) wine bottles, one (full) bottle of your favorite varietal, some chalkboard paint and chalk will spark creativity, conversation and new momentos of a great friendship. You can find a host of cork and bottle craft ideas on our “Get Crafty” Pinterest Board.


Submitted by Grace on

I have made beautiful seascape scenes on empty wine bottles and full ones too. I tell the recipient when the bottle is empty return it to me and I will make a light out of it for you. I have a glass cutter and it only takes 30- 40 minutes, because you already decorated it. I take the label off and just write out what kind, year etc.

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