Personalize Your Wine!

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We know that you love our wine and we want you to know that we listen to your comments! We see there's an interest in getting large quantities of our Sutter Home mini bottles (187mls) and we're here to steer you in the right direction.

Do you want a bunch of mini bottles for a party?
You can visit your local grocery store and ask the wine steward or store manager to order you a larger quantity than usual. You can also order mini bottles (and more!) of Sutter Home wines through our online store: One Stop Wine Shop. This includes mini bottles! If you are having trouble with your order or have any questions, please email us at

Let's get personal.
If you have a celebration coming up, we offer the option to have your wine labels personalized! Visit Personalize Your Wine to find out more. Simple and elegant labels with a personal touch are ready for your next celebration!


Submitted by Tracy on

What is the cost for personalized wines/labels?

Submitted by Tracy on

What is the cost of personalized wine/labels?

Submitted by Megan on

Hi Tracy! At this time, Personalize Your Wine labels are no cost. This may change in the future, but for now, enjoy!

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