Sutter Home Holiday Party Contest: Ugly Sweater Party

| Posted by Megan for Sutter Home

If you haven't been to an ugly sweater party yet, then this may be the year you should throw one! Ugly sweaters are all the rage - for the holidays - and talk about the best photo album opportunities for Facebook, right?! The Ugly Sweater Party is our party theme #1 for our Sutter Home Holiday Party Pinterest Contest. Visit our Pinterest board for more, including how to enter the contest! If an Ugly Sweater Party is just your style, choose this theme for your contest board and run with it. Just think of all of the sweater fun you can have...the trees, the reindeer, the bells, the felt, the glitter, the ribbons... Enter now:

More about how you can throw your very own Ugly Sweater Party this holiday season:

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