What are You Thankful for?

| Posted by Heather for Sutter Home

As October gives way to November and the leaves start to change, we’re excited to pull our jackets and boots out of the closet, and of course, to switch from our sweet summery wines to the delicious reds! 

November also means Thanksgiving -- a special time for us to share with our family and friends over delicious food and wine. It’s a time to share what we’re thankful for and count our many blessings.

This Thanksgiving we’re doing something a little bit different. Instead of stressing about how to plan the perfect Thanksgiving (don’t worry—we’ll help you with that!), we encourage you to sit back and relax. Once a week, pick a night to share wine and share thanks. Write down what you’re thankful for, share with friends, and share with us! Send us a message of what you are thankful for us on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram. Or post a picture and let us know by including the hashtag #ThankfulForSH. 

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