Host a Holiday Cookie Swap

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Want a good excuse to get your girlfriends together to get into the holiday spirit? Host a holiday cookie swap party! 

It’s simple—invite 8 or 10 friends over, and have them each bring a few dozen of their favorite holiday cookies and a bottle of Sutter Home wine. Divide and share your sweets! At the end of the party, everyone will take home beautiful holiday cookie assortments to give as gifts, enjoy with their family or share at their own holiday parties. 

Here’s how… 

Establish the rules
Invite your guests to bring the following: 
    • 5-6 dozen of one type of cookie (we’ve listed out our favorite recipes below!) 
    • A bottle of Sutter Home wine or a pack of Sutter Home mini bottles to share
   • A few containers to hold cookies (these could be tins, boxes or plastic containers) 
    • 1 pack of tissue paper or holiday themed parchment paper 
    • 1 roll of ribbon for decorating 

What you need to get before your guests arrive
    • Purchase 15-20 pretty serving platters (they can be disposable and they don’t have to be expensive!). They will be used to display your guests’ cookies, and make it easier to sample and share. 
    • Gather extra boxes and holiday tins of various sizes. You wouldn’t want to come up short if your guests bring more cookies than tins! 

Tips to make your cookie swap a success.
    • Everyone has a favorite cookie, but to be sure there aren’t duplicates, ask your guests what they plan on bringing. 
    • Encourage your guests to bake cookies that will last. The last thing you want is spoiled or stale cookies before you have a chance to share them with your favorite people. 

It’s party time!
Set up a long open table and place your cookie platters in the center of the table so friends can easily assemble their cookie boxes. Put wrapping accessories like tissue paper, ribbon 
and scissors at the end of the table. Once all of your guests have arrived, set down their boxes and cookies in their designated areas. Start by having your guests sample the cookieswith a glass of Sutter Home wine and socialize! 

The goal of a cookie swap is to take home as many cookies as you contributed. Have your guests walk around the table and make large or small assortments of holiday sweets and treats. Keep the wine flowing, the giggles abounding and get into the holiday spirit! 

Cookie Recipes
We’ve created a list of great cookie recipes to share with your guests as you start planning what you want to bake –and they all go great with Sutter Home wine! We’ve added these to our “Treats and Sweets” Pinterest board so be sure to pin and share! 

Snowballs and Snow Cookies
    • Traditional, Sweet Snow Balls
    • Chocolate Snow Cookies
    • Mini Snow-Covered Puffs
    • Frostbite Cookies

Pretzel Bites and Party Mix
    • Peppermint Dipped Pretzels 
    • Muddy Buddy Mix
    • Pretzel Nuggets 
    • Candy Cane Flavored Party Mix
    • Peanut Butter Pretzel Sammies

Festive Sugar Cookies 
    • Cinnamon Pinwheels 
    • Candy Canes Cookies 
    • Jamprint Cookies

Holiday Peanut Butter Cookies
    • Green & Red Chocolate Peanut Butter Bites
    • Peanut Butter Spritz Cookies
    • Reindeer Peanut Butter Bites 

Brittles and Barks
    • Cashew Nut Brittle
    • Peppermint Bark
    • White Chocolate and Peppermint Brittle 
    • Classic Peanut Brittle 
    • Salty Pistachio Brittle 
    • Chocolate Holiday Bark



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