Entertainment Tips: The Tilted World

| Posted by Kelly for Sutter Home

My mother taught me many things in the kitchen, including this important one: choose make-ahead dishes, so you can enjoy your own party without rushing around at the last minute.  It’s hard to remain calm when much needs to be done in the final hour, and if the hostess ends up feeling frantic, she ruins the evening’s magic.  Her mood is contagious.  The best hostess or host puts guests at ease.  Therefore, I’ve learned to always make items that can be prepared in advance, with little or no last minute fussing.  One reason I like the recipe above, for example, is that the glaze can be made in advance (if you go this route, just let the fish fillets come to room temperature before cooking by taking them from the fridge 10 minutes in advance of sautéing).  Flowers on the table (something simple, wildflowers or a bouquet from the farmer’s market) --delightfully mismatched china--lots of good wine--some music to set the tone--and beloveds all around.  The rest will take care of itself.           

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