Sutter Home Moscato Cupcakes - With a Twist!

| Posted by Megan for Sutter Home

Remember our Moscato cupcake recipe? Our fan Pam has made it her own: she added vanilla to the recipe as well as used Sutter Home Pink Moscato to make them pink! This is what she sent in:
"I made the Moscato cupcakes that were on your Facebook page for a picnic yesterday.  They were great!  I noticed there was no vanilla listed in the ingredients of the cake, so I added a teaspoon.  Delicious!!  I used your Pink Moscato  and tinted them pink.  Everyone loved them!"
Cheers, Pam!


Submitted by Pam Halter on

I also made the recipe into a sheet cake a week later for my mother in law's birthday. It's truly the best vanilla cake I've ever baked.

Submitted by Jim Beardsley on

I was one of the lucky ones to try Pam's cupcakes that night! They were REALLY GOOD!Cant wait for her to make more!

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