The State of the Burger Union

| Posted by colleen for Sutter Home

Hello Burger fans! I know you are all anxiously awaiting the announcement of the finalists! (Are you even reading this part or are you just scrolling down to look for names?? ;-) )

Here is where we stand, currently:

10 POTENTIAL Finalists have been notified via email/USPS mail etc. We are currently waiting to hear back from (some of) those 10 potential finalists. The potential finalists must sign affidavits and paperwork declaring that the burger recipe is their own work, they are eligible based on the rules (state and otherwise) etc., prior to being announced as a finalist. These affidavits are due back to Sutter Home by August 26, although if we get them all back and our legal team approves them, we can give out names and recipes sooner.

As soon as the Sutter Home legal team has reviewed and verified the affidavits, we will post the 10 Finalists and their winning recipes on the website. Meanwhile, those Potential Finalists are sworn to secrecy and can not reveal their status.

To those who have not been notified...despair not! A potential finalist may choose not to participate or there may be a restriction that could prevent them from participating, in which case we will be contacting an alternate potential finalist.

So stick close, because as soon as we have all the paperwork turned in and approved, you can bet your spatula we will get those names and recipes up pronto!

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Submitted by Victoria Racine on

Thank you T-Bird for that tip! Was unaware we could do that. I am going to re-submitt next year and NOT forget to put 1 3/4 cup vs 1 3/4 (duh...yes I forgot the word "cup" in the directions but at least it was on the ingredient list). This gives me hope for next year to tweak and fix the old recipe and enter a few new ones. Cant wait to get back into the kitchen and also work on lowering my new cholesterol score which shot up over 250...yes... from testing and eating so much meat and cheese. :)

Submitted by Bev on

From my understanding, the top reasons for disqualified entries are: 1.) List of ingredients are called for out of order in preparation instructions. 2.) EVERYTHING has to be prepared within a 3 hour period, including marinating. Nothing can be prepared ahead of time. 3.) If your burger is an open-faced burger, it can only call for 1 piece of bread product underneath the burger. 4.) If your burger is not open-faced, the bun top has to placed on top of the burger, not to the side of it on the plate. EVERYTHING has to be placed INBETWEEN your choice of bread product. 5.) You have to make your recipe for 6 servings. 6.) No garnishes on plate OR on top of top bun. 7.) For beef burgers, you have to use 75% Beef/ 25% other ingredients ratio.

Finally, Chef McNair said he won't select under-seasoned burgers. He prefers minimally 1 teaspoon of salt to each pound of meat used. He also does not like the use of dried herbs instead of fresh herbs. He spells it all out for us in his Guidlines section.

Good luck for next year! A really good competition has really good competitors, thus winning is all that much more rewarding!


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