It's like a party in your mouth

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Region 4 beef finalist, George Graham, the sole male in this year's contest, is bringing up his Bluesiana Burger and the judges are agreeing that his use of region ingredients (root beer glaze, Mardi Gras slaw) is rockin' the burger world.

The judges are all very interested in his mix of regional ingredients and were curious as to why he used rootbeer instead of cola, but George knows that sassafras is a staple around Louisiana so there you go!

And with an component called Mardi Gras slaw, the judges are in fair agreement that it is a party in your mouth!

And George is very eloquent in describing his burger:
A dash of mystery. A pinch of history. If you want to learn the language of Cajun food, you have to immerse yourself in the Louisiana culture. It is our rich heritage of extraordinary cooking, foot-stomping music and fun-filled Mardi Gras that inspired this unique burger. It’s spicy, saucy, crunchy, colorful, exotic, hypnotic and dripping with the rhythm of a bayou beat.

Judge Nathalie Dupree kinda wishes he'd use words like that to describe her. I giggled.

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Who is gonna beat this burger

Submitted by Daljeet on

It is great to see a new incarnation of James McNair with long hair! I was there in 2006 and had a great time. Good luck to you all!

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