Bring on the Beef!

| Posted by Megan for Sutter Home

Our beef finalists are putting the finishing touches on their burgers! Sonali Ruder from NYC is up first.

(After a short pause for the Wine Train to go by--that horn is loud! It makes the Food Network audio crew's job a little more difficult)

The judges love the use of frizzled onions. (I heart onion rings, so no wonder this burger is near and dear to my heart) but the judges are very impressed with how Sonali has fried onions on the grill. Sonali explains her talent because she lives in an apartment in Manhattan (no open flame there!)

Mixing in some strip steak is also adding some serious flavor, along with tarragon. A tasty burger spin on a steakhouse creation!

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Submitted by Kelly K on

Awesome job on the blog! How very exciting.

Submitted by webbo on

The first burger that I ate the WHOLE THING

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