Bring on the alternative finalists (part deux)

| Posted by Megan for Sutter Home

Lisa Huff is presenting her burger to the judges. It's called a Yooper burger. Wanna know what a yooper is? Well, Lisa explained that a yooper is a a person who resides in the upper pennisula of the Michigan area (I think she said Michigan? I was trying to keep one ear open whilst typing...) Her burger is inspired by her hometown...

Everyone is loving the cheesey-ness of the burger and how it was presented on warm buns. I cannot stress how important warm buns are. I mean that in a culinary sorta way.

And did I mention how Lisa's burger pairs beautifully with the Sutter Home Zin? Because it totally does.

Pics to come...

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Submitted by Francesca Carey on

Bet you thought that no one was looking at this blog! Thank so much for the up to the minute news on the Burger Wars!

We are "watching" the action from Maui, Hawaii, and we are so excited to hear the judges reaction to the Region 5 burger!

francesca carey

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