BBB 2009 is finally here!

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Good morning to all you Burger fans!

Build a Better Burger is finally here. I've been here since before the sun was up, getting ready for the big day. I'm stationed right beside the judges table so I'll be able to capture all of the 2009 Build a Better Burger as it happens.

Our first finalist, Anthony Czech, just got started! All of the finalists seem cool, calm and collected!

More updates soon!

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Submitted by Daljeet on

Wonder, who are the judges?

Submitted by Julie on

Cheers for Jana...The Aunts are behind you all the way!!

Submitted by April on

I know who my favorite is!

Submitted by juliana on

The judges are arriving!
James McNair
Sondra Bernstein
Hugh Carpenter
Teri Sandison
Scott Warner

Jana has a most refreshing burger!! I wish I could bite into one right now

Submitted by Mary on

Waiting for the Idaho Burger!!Go Jana!

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