The Judges & Jeanette

| Posted by juliana for Sutter Home

Jeanette from Sophia, West Virginia is here passing out her "Sweet Chili Citrus Changsha Sliders with Sriracha Grapefruit Mayo and Ponzu Jicama Slaw". What a mouthful - of ingredients and flavors! Yum.

Jeffrey Starr says that the burgers look beautiful and taste very juicy and tender. LuLu Buffet LOVES this burger because it's so soft and when you bite into it, it's hot and the texture is wonderful! The rest of the judges are really seeming to like the texture and the bite-sized aspect of these gourmet burgers. Head Judge, James McNair says thanks to Jeanette for a perfect burger!

Share your love for Jeanette on the Sutter Home Facebook page! What do you think of the delicious burger sliders?

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