Now Presenting…Barbara Estabrook!

| Posted by juliana for Sutter Home

Our second alternative burger finalist, Barbara Estabrook is on her way for the "grilling" of the judges.

They're now tasting her "Minted Lamb Burgers, Greek Style with Mediterranean Relish and Feta-Yogurt Spread". Barbara is telling us how much she loves Mediterranean flavors and how she incorporated these flavors into this delicious burger.

The Hardy Brothers love the juiciness and the moistness of her patties, yum. Lou Lou Buffet is exclaiming how much she LOVES this burger!

What do you think about Barbara's Minted Lamb Burgers?


Submitted by rick ellis on

from barb estabrooks son rick ellis. anybody who uses a bottle of wine as a rolling pin deserves 30,000 not 15,000. love rick

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