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Wild Wasabi Burgers

We love to watch Emeril and were making his awesome bam burgers with horseradish, mustard and garlic. We started experimenting to create our own zesty burgers. So with a few changes this is what we came up with and everyone raves about them. Of course as with any recipe you can add extra spicing to your own taste - for example and extra T of Wasabi and another T of soya for more zest. I use the amount shown and folks can add extra hotness if they like when they dress the burger.


1 pound lean ground round
2 T Wasabi horseradish sauce
2 T Soya sauce
2 green onions, finely chopped
Salt and Pepper to taste
Cheese for topping
Good Buns for burgers
Sutter Home wine for basting (whatever flavor you like.)


Mix beef, wasabi, soya, onions and salt and pepper. Make patties and grill to taste basting occasionally with wine on both sides. Very juicy and quite easy. Serve with nice cheese if you like and good buns. Then, of course, have a glass of Sutter Home Wine.


This has become one of our favorite burger recipes as we are big Wasabi fans. Our family and friends like them as well and we serve them a lot especially at summer cookout functions.