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Veggie Beef Burger/cheesburgers

My family loves this recipe. Awhile back my daughter moved five hours away and my son went off to college. When they came home to visit I would try to have food cooked that could be easily fixed after a busy day at work or classes. I would have small portions of Spaghetti sauce with meat, Beef Stew, Homemade Soups ect., frozen for them. They each had soft sided coolers that transported easily. They said they missed burgers and would often spend the money to go out to get them. So I came up with this Burger idea it stretched the amount of ground beef I had to use while still being juicy and tasty weather they were frozen cooked or raw. My children (and there new found friends) love them.


Three pounds of lean ground beef
One Package of Vegetable soup/dip Mix
Two Omega three eggs
One Cup fresh bread crumbs (mixed bread variteis may be used) One half cup of romano cheese
One quarter cup of ketchup 
Italian bread rolls
romaine lettuce,
roma tomatoes
provolone cheese


Mix all ingredients (except optional ones) in a large bowl and then form into patties. Grill to your preference Optional items can be added at this time Burgers can also be broild or fried.


These burgers can be frozen, cooked or raw. I freeze them both ways with good results. Recipe can also be doubled or halfed with good results. It can also be formed to use and small indiviual Meat loaves and baked.