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T's Whipper Burger

I am a 34yr old married mother of 2. One of my favotite thing's to do is cook while I watch the Food Network. My helper is Madison, 9 who along with myself really enjoys adding new ingredients to original recipes making them less typical. I have a love for entertaining guests with BBQ's. We hope to see you at the Build a Better Burger competition.


Black Angus Beef
Louisiana Hot Sauce
Sliced Green Olive's
Minced Garlic (undrained)
Swiss Cheese
Onion Roll Split
Romaine Lettuce
Red Onion
Firm Tomato


Prepare a medium charcoal grill In a Bowl Combine: 2lbs. of Black Angus Ground Beef 3tbs. of Louisiana Hot Sauce 3/4 c. Sliced Green Olives 2tsp. Minced Garlic (undrained) 1tsp. Pepper 1tsp Salt Form into 1/2 pound patties Cover and set aside In a seperate bowl combine 1c. Mayo 2tbs. Horseradish 3TBS. Mustard Mix together cover and chill. Split the Onion Rolls. Thinly slice the tomato and red onion cover and chill. Clean the romain lettuce and dry keeping it chilled. Cook the burgers to a medium-well and top with swiss cheese until melted. Serve with the dressing mixture being generous.


Although this burger can be served without the tomato and thinly slice red onions, I prefer to include these for a nice texture and flavor.