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Tillamook Cheddar Beefalo Burger

I love burgers! But at 100 pounds overweight, I knew I had to adjust how I eat my favorite food. Fortunately, I can still eat beef and lose weight. I have combined extra lean ground beef with buffalo, which is naturally lean and low in cholestral, with my favorite cheese in a manner that I can still enjoy and not feel guilty! I have sacrificed nothing in this juicy flavorful burger. Even my skinny friends are amazed at how great this tastes and still remains good for you! I am almost halfway to my goal weight and have not had to stop eating my delicious Tillamook Cheddar Beefalo Burger!


1 pound extra lean ground beef
1 pound extra lean ground buffalo (if you cannot find buffalo use beef)
1/2 large Walla Walla Sweet onion minced (can substitute any sweet onion)
1/4 pound fresh white or brown mushroom minced finely
1 large jalepeno, seeded and deveined (wear gloves) finely minced 1 TBLSP Steak Seasoning
2 TBLSP Worcestershire Sauce
1 tsp garlic powder
1/2 cup good (drinking quality) red wine I like Merlot
1 cup coarsley grated or finely chopped Extra Sharp Tillamook Cheddar Cheese (you can use any brand, I am an Oregonian and very partial to Tillamook brand!)
Spread: 1/2 c spreadable Cream Cheese room temp
2 TBSLP minced Walla Walla onion
1 TBLSP real horseradish


In a large bowl, while your grill pan or BBQ is heating, GENTLY mix meat and rest of ingredients with hands, if more liquid is needed use beef broth or water. Shape in to 6-8 patties (depending on appetites) and grill to desired doneness. SPREAD: mix ingredients together, if it is too thick thin it with a little milk, until it reaches spreadable consistancy.


I like to serve these on grilled sourdough bread, you can use your favorite bun, with the spread that I use or your own favorite. I usually make sure there is extra cheese for those not watching their waistline, extra onion (I can never eat enough onion!) sliced tomato, lettuce and pickles, you know all the stuff that people like on their burgers. The minced onion and mushrooms make these a very moist flavorful burger without adding a lot of fattening ingredients. I hope you enjoy these as much as my family does.